To Awaken | Your Perspective On Reality
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Your Perspective On Reality

Your Perspective On Reality

There is a perspective that’s available to any & all humans, on Reality and what It truly is.

It is the perspective or experience that all of manifestation, including us and every galaxy, planet, and every sentient and non-sentient being on those planets, is only a temporary illusion, and therefore, not the Ultimate Reality. Behind all this, there is only One Thing, and That alone is real and permanent.

This could be called the Non-Dual or Absolute perspective. It seems that humans can cognize this Absolute Reality through our minds to a limited extent, and Reality can realize Itself or experience Itself directly, to the Absolute extent, without using the mind, but still through our human body-minds.

On this Earth, it appears that only human minds can employ this perspective. Animals, plants and insects don’t seem to have this capacity. They just live in this Reality without concern for what constitutes Ultimate Reality and what is illusion.


Three Perspectives

Some humans, through some combination of mental cognition and/or direct “realization,” know this to be true with an absolute certainty that cannot be explained nor shaken. They just know. You could call this the ‘highest’ level of perspective and realization of what is Real. These human ‘locations’ of the One Reality clearly and undeniably see Reality’s ‘design,’ Its One-and-Only-ness, and either constantly abide in it or at least, constantly recognize it, and to them it is forever beyond dispute or doubt. It is simply the way it Is. These humans are often referred to as “awakened” or “enlightened” or at least, very wise…but those labels of admiration are meaningless and of no value. It is not their doing that they are able to cognize or directly experience the One Reality. It is Reality’s doing, and of course, if they are truly awakened, they know that, and know that they are not special or due any reverence, any more than someone who luckily won the lottery.

There is a ‘less-awakened’ level of perspective where a person sometimes gets that this is all an illusion, occasionally glimpsing True Reality through the veil, or sometimes cognizes, mentally, that there must be a deeper Reality behind this very ephemeral world and existence, although they’re not yet seeing clearly what that is. And when one of those human ‘locations’ of the One Reality gets intrigued enough, or seems to have a strong philosophical bent, they may start seeking for ultimate answers and Ultimate Reality, through books, meditations, spiritual practices and/or learning all they can from one of those awakened ‘masters’ dwelling in the ‘highest’ perspective. These ‘seekers’ may start their spiritual inquiry at an early age, but it’s much more common for them to commitedly seek this full-time perspective shift at an older age when they start to experience their mortality and emptiness of a life of world-wearying and impermanent accomplishments.

Lastly, of course, is the perspective that this life of appearances is actually all there is; it’s real, not an illusion, and this body & mind and it’s very short life are all that we are. If there is a greater Reality behind the apparent one, it is an unreachable mystery, unavailable to the mortal man. This is the common worldly perspective, in which life is just lived, fully identified with the individual body, mind and personality and with no inkling that it’s not real.


This website, ‘to awaken,’ is of course devoted to cognizing and abiding in the One True Reality, with information for guiding one towards that ‘highest’ perspective.

One of the beautiful things about living in that ‘highest’ perspective, of only One Reality, Pure Awareness, is knowing that since there is only One,  and all this is an illusion, there are really no lower or higher perspectives. There’s just Awareness, ‘living’ through this apparent manifestation – including all of us humans – experiencing whatever it deems to experience, delighting in all of it. So ultimately, there can be no judgment about some humans having a ‘lower’ or ‘higher’ perception of Reality, and why no reverence need be accorded to those who have seen through the veil. That’s just how Awareness is expressing itself through each of us, and it’s all perfect.

When we think of ourselves as real humans, not temporary illusions,  we naturally subject our ‘selves’ to all manner of suffering and elation, wonderful times and horrible times, and of course, the time when it all ‘ends,’ (at least for that human incarnation.) When we start to break through into the Absolute level of perception and glimpse the Permanent Reality that is our true existence, we start to sense that we are part of a much greater Reality that is just experiencing and watching all of this with utter love and dispassion, and that never ‘ends.’ And when we know, we know. We know because we’ve dropped our individual perspective and merged with Awareness’ perspective, seeing reality the way Reality sees it, like a drop of water that has returned to the Ocean.

The certainty there is indescribable, and if you speak with someone who is resting in that Unity Consciousness, they may seem stubbornly certain about the Truth of Absolute Reality. Please know that they are not trying to be arrogant. They simply know. And, simultaneously, they respect all perspectives and know that what’s true for you is also perfect, the perfect perspective of this location of Awareness.