To Awaken | You Are Spirit Having Experiences – A Quick Path To Awakening
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You Are Spirit Having Experiences – A Quick Path To Awakening

You Are Spirit Having Experiences – A Quick Path To Awakening

You Are Spirit Having Experiences – A Quick Path To Awakening

You are Spirit.

You are Spirit having experiences.

That’s not an opinion, or a pleasant spiritual aphorism. It’s the most obvious, self-evident Truth there is.

There is nothing but Spirit (or God, or Pure Awareness, or The Creator or whatever is your favorite term for the One that is the Source of it All.) “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Creation was without form, and void.” So nothing ever existed except Pure Awareness or Spirit. And even when Spirit seemed to manifest into billions of “forms” – galaxies, planets, rocks, insects, animals and people – still, there was nothing but Spirit. Spirit had no raw material to work with except Itself, so it everything must be made of Spirit.



You are Spirit. You are One with Spirit. Like the Ocean Analogy of waves temporarily seeming to be “separate” from the vast ocean, but always being part of the ocean, the same water, you are made of Spirit and can only appear to be separate from It. But in Truth you are always one with it. So the fact that you are Spirit is obvious, self evident, needs no further discussion or substantiation.

So is the fact that you are Spirit having experiences. All you need do is look around you to see that experiences are happening, Spirit is having experiences, and you are having experiences as Spirit, for Spirit.

Why harp on this so repeatedly & intently? Because if you can get this, really get this, that you are, simply & ultimately, just Pure Spirit having experiences, you’ve won. You’re done. You can be Fully Awakened very quickly. Indeed, if you really got it when you read the above statements, you can feel your mind dropping away right now, giving way to Infinite Consciousness and Bliss. Without the need for years of meditation and spiritual practice. You will feel that all of your spiritual questions, ever, just got answered.

When Spirit is in Its still, silent, unmanifested state, there are no experiences, because everything is Void and there’s nothing manifest to even have the experiences. When Spirit manifests into myriad forms, there’s nothing left to do but have experiences. It experiences Itself as light, dark, form, formless, hard rock, flowing water, vast stretches of empty space, and stars & planets so close they pull on each other. It experiences Itself as things taking shape & form, growing in that form for a while, then “dying” or disintegrating back into “no form.” It experiences Itself as billions of beings interacting with each other, as crude or advanced minds thinking & communicating with each other, as feelings, responses & reactions to each other and the world around them. It experiences Itself as you. You are Spirit having the experience of you, for Your Self.

If the question “why” Spirit is doing this, leaving behind the unmanifested Stillness for all these experiences, is puzzling you, you can attach a “reason” to it . You can call it “fun” for Spirit to experience these things, or play, the Divine Lila, as they say in Vedanta. You can use the often-quoted explanation that Spirit “wanted” to “know Itself consciously,” so It manifested all this.





In the end it doesn’t matter. We cannot grasp the “reason” why Spirit manifested in our limited human minds. Nor can our minds, which are the child of Time, possibly grasp that there is no time, and that it’s all happening “simultaneously.” Spirit wasn’t “unmanifested” at one point in “time,” then exploded outwards into all these forms across a future “time,” and “one day” will roll it all back up into Silence & Stillness. There is only Now, and it’s all happening Now, and nothing is happening at all.

When you dwell in, and see everything from, this vast and True perspective, you have a radical shift in Consciousness. All your questions get answered. Questions like:
– why are we here? what is our life’s purpose?
– why do we only live a very short time in this body and then (seemingly) “die?”
– why do I have moments where I sometimes feel absolute love and perfection for everyone & everything in the Universe?
– why do I have moments, or extended periods in my life, where I feel contracted, depressed, diseased, terrified, in terrible physical or emotional pain, or struggling just to be alive on this Earth?

That last one is the most important question, the one that is the (very thin) line between being caught up in the ego’s dream-life struggle and being Fully Awakened. So let’s answer that last question now, fully; once again, if you really get this answer, you will wake up and experience Full Enlightenment right now. So read the answer, re-read it over & over if desired, and really let it sink in.

It’s all Spirit. Spirit is having all the experiences. And You are Spirit.

Spirit seeks to have all the experiences, not just some of the experiences. Not just the ones your ego-mind judges as “pleasant” or “happy” or bodily-comfortable. Spirit “wants” to experience the pains, the sadnesses, the struggles, the fears, the deaths, as well as the stuff we call the “good times.” It wants it all. It is it all.

To clarify, Spirit has manifested Itself into human beings, with bodies & minds, to experience a band of experiences that can only be had in a human body. Those body-minds are made of Spirit, so you are Spirit. In order to have the kind of experiences that only human body-minds can appreciate, they come equipped with certain sensory & feeling receptors called senses & emotions. Now the body can not only experience a vast array of sights, smells, tastes, pleasures, pains, love, fear, etc. but the mind also feels those experiences as their own, separate from others’ experiences. And, it can decide which of those experiences it likes & wants more of, and which ones it judges as undesirable and wants to avoid.

So you judge some experiences as “good” ones and some as “bad.”

But Spirit doesn’t judge them. To Spirit, they’re all just experiences. No judgment!
Spirit manifested Itself to have all the experiences, unqualified & with no limitations. Read that again. Get it! Who are we to say, “No, God, only ‘pleasant’ experiences should exist…all the ‘bad’ ones like illness, war, pain & death should never have come into existence.”

We judge being healthy as “good” and being sick or in pain or having cancer as “bad.” We judge being financially well-off as “good” and being impoverished & hungry as “bad.” We judge being loved as “good” and being abandoned & lonely as “bad.” We judge being being able to have some control over our life’s goals as “good” and obstacles that keep popping up as “sidetracks” or unwanted “detours.” We really judge being alive as “good” and being “dead,” us or any of our loved ones, as “completely bad.” We even judge reaching Enlightenment as “ideal,” but being one of those spiritual seekers who never reaches Full Awakening as “unsatisfying, not good enough.”

It’s the nature of our human ego-mind seek out pleasure, avoid pain, and try to control everything. It’s just doing its job, trying to always feel good and protect its future survival. So there’s nothing wrong with your mind doing that, judging everything, wanting to avoid the “bad” stuff and control everything.  Indeed, our minds feeling separate & having judgments is part of the experiences Spirit is having, too. And of course, in order for that particular set of experiences to feel real & believable for Spirit, Spirit needs to forget that It’s the perfectly-peaceful All and temporarily become totally identified with this one “separate” ego-mind having all these challenging experiences & feelings. So if you’ve been thinking you’re in pain, you’re separate, you’re going to die and you are terrified about that, don’t worry, you’re right on track.

3700780990dc011f7be3c9f0a4fa0523But it’s just a play, an illusion. You are not your mind or ego. You are Spirit! Having experiences. Having all experiences. All of them perfect, none of them “right” or “wrong.” Even your mind judging them is one of Spirit’s perfect, desirable experiences.

Your Enlightened position, therefore, is to have all these experiences, be totally engaged in them, judge & categorize them if you like, as “good” and “bad” experiences, while simultaneously knowing they’re all just experiences, all perfect, all of what Spirit wants to experience…and You are Spirit!

So every time you have any experience – pleasure, pain, a good days work, a bad day, love, anger, loneliness, fear – just acknowledge, “I’m Spirit, having this experience right Now.” In a moment, as you do or feel something different, just say “Oh, there’s another experience. I’m Spirit enjoying this experience, right Now.” And if you notice that part of your experience, is that you are judging your experience, just say “That, too, is an experience – the experience of judging things – that Spirit is having. And I am Spirit.” Simple. And instantly liberating. Everything becomes just another neutral, non-judged experience that Spirit is having in this Now, and the next Now (there’s only Now.) And since You are Spirit, not your body or mind, You can watch your ego-body-mind do any dances or judgments it does, detachedly, as yet another experience.

Now you see all your actions and deeds, all your good feelings, bad feelings, fears, love and pain as all perfect, all experiences Spirit is so excited to have and celebrate, so you no longer have any ego investment in them. You could say you stop taking it all too seriously. Your judgments are just thoughts, and thoughts aren’t real. Remember, the only thing that “proves” a thought is real, is another thought. All thoughts & judgements are empty of substance. Have them, see them passing by the screen of your mind as some of Spirit’s experiences, but don’t take them seriously, don’t believe them.



When you stop believing in your thoughts and remove all judgment from every experience you’re having, moment by moment, all that’s left is perfection, what is, and the ineffable bliss of having what is be exactly as it is. All that’s left is Reality. All that’s left, and could ever be left, is Awakening & Enlightenment.

Our friend Adyashanti teaches an effortless form of meditation where, instead of trying to control your mind, to quiet it or focus it one on particular thing, you simply sit and allow everything to be exactly as it is. If you believe your thoughts & judgments, maybe the judgment that having a still mind is “better,” and that it’s the only way to Enlightenment, you might find it hard to do this kind of meditation and hard to believe it’s getting you anywhere. But when you stop believing & identifying with your judgment that one experience is “better” than another, when you drop all judgment and see that they’re all just experiences Spirit (the real You) is having, then just sitting & allowing everything to be as it is becomes the most potent, Enlightening form of meditation you could ever practice.

Repeating an earlier quote from Eckhart Tolle:

“Life gives you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at this moment.”

In this transmission, a clearer, more accurate way to phrase it would be:

You are Spirit having experiences, not so much because they will be the most helpful, needed ones for your evolution, but because Spirit seeks to have experiences, seeks to have all experiences, and THAT’S IT! So the experience It’s currently having through you is the experience It’s currently having through you. What do you (little “you”) care? Enjoy it! If you’ve released all false & illusory judgments of whether the experience is “good” or “bad,” all that’s left is to just have the experience and enjoy it. And if you have truly released your thoughts & judgments about it, you will be amazed to find that you are instantly, suddenly celebrating and enjoying that experience as You (big “You.) You will actually be being Your Spirit Self, enjoying each & every experience as new & exciting, as Now and never-happened-before, as the Big Experiencer/Enjoyer You are. That’s all Enlightenment is, folks. Nothing special, just your natural state when you’ve dropped all judgments. Congratulations, you are Awake!