To Awaken | Worry/Anxiety Syndrome Based On False-Authorship Syndrome
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Worry/Anxiety Syndrome Based On False-Authorship Syndrome

Worry/Anxiety Syndrome Based On False-Authorship Syndrome

Two things are very common in our ‘relative’ human lives:

  • The belief that we are ‘separate’ beings living ‘separate ‘ lives, separate from the One and Its Life
  • The belief that we are, therefore, the ‘authors,’ the determiners, of what happens to us in ‘our’ life, over the illusory stretch of ‘time.’

There is only One. And yet that One has seemingly manifested itself into a myriad of forms for the purpose of knowing & discovering Itself (a purpose we will never understand with our human minds.) You could say the One Reality or Pure Awareness ‘delights’ in both the non-active stillness of Nothingness or non-manifest-ness, and the active discovery of Itself as Everything It can manifest.

So there’s both: the pure, unwavering Unity Conscious of Pure Awareness, and all the Universes with all their Beings, sentient and non-sentient. Our Universe – the stars & planets, rocks and trees, bugs, birds and animals, and us, our human body-minds, are real, no doubt about it. They are all just as real as the Nothingness, the Emptiness, Pure Awareness, because they are all the same One thing (or non-thing if you want to get technical.)

No one can have a life apart from the One, because we are the One, there is only the One. We are living the One’s Life, not our own seemingly-separate lives. When we are fully identified with our seemingly-separate body-minds, it can be tough to wrap our heads around this, fully “get it” and let if fully sink in. When we are experiencing Unity consciousness or Enlightenment, we not only “get it,” we can not see it any other way! We see ourselves like fingers on the hand of the Divine. Each finger can have a slightly different shape, size and story. One might be very adept a pushing the right notes on a guitar or piano, while another might feel awkward attempting this. One might be healthy and straight, while another finger may have suffered some damage and be weak and unhealthy. Yet no finger would ever claim it was living its own separate life; they’re all just part of the One’s ‘body,’ helping that One to experience Its One Life.

So how could we possibly worry or being anxious about what has happened, is happening now, or is going to happen in the imagined future (remember, there is no time,) when it’s not our life? The One’s Life is all, it’s everything there is, every creation, experience and destruction of infinite Universes, so it can never be right or wrong, it’s only what is, and therefore, perfect just as it is.

we, the seemingly-individual body-minds, are not the authors; and We are the Author. It’s natural for us, experiencing ourselves as separate body-minds, to worry about our fate and the fate of our family & friends. In that ‘relative’ consciousness, it’s natural for us to feel anxious if things aren’t going well, money’s tight, or our future health is in question. It’s natural to fear the ultimate health-breakdown, death, which will claim us all.

The One doesn’t worry or fear any of this, because It knows It is Everything, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, as well as everything in Awareness when there in no manifestation, no beginning or end, just Empty Awareness. It knows there is no time, no individuals suffering individual maladies, nothing except it’s fleeting story of Creation that It enjoys unceasingly, while simultaneously enjoying the nothingness of No Creation.

So, the beautiful paradox is, when we are most worried about how ‘our’ lives are going and how we can strive to change them, we are least the author of those changes. It means we are identified with our body-minds, and our individual body-minds do not have a life separate from the One, they are never the Author. They are an illusion, and therefore only seem like they are making the choices & changes, determining how things are going to go in ‘their life.’

And when we are resting in the One, as the One, and we see Ourselves as the True Author of All, and paradoxically, have no desire or need to change anything, even though we finally, actually could, because We are the Creator, the One Who’s writing the script, and we see that everything is proceeding exactly as it Is.

Meher Baba famously said, “Don’t worry, be happy!” This is what he was essentially saying. “Everything is proceeding ‘according to The One’s plan’ so what could you possibly have to worry about? Oh, I see…you think, you are an individual body-mind, not The One! Well, in that case you should still be happy and not worry, because that guy or girl can’t do a thing about it. he/she not the Author…but He/She Is! So relax.”