To Awaken | The Transcendent Key To Awakening: No Separateness
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The Transcendent Key To Awakening: No Separateness

The Transcendent Key To Awakening: No Separateness

The Transcendent Key To Awakening: No Separateness

A man is driving carefully down the highway, when another hot-headed driver cuts him off, nearly causing a serious accident. The man gets furious, shouts at the cut-off driver, flips him the bird, maybe even tries to run him down to “teach him a lesson.”


A woman who’s been feeling nauseous, fatigued and near bed-ridden for months, after many misdiagnoses from by-the-book doctors, finds out she has a parasite in her gut that could well be the source of all her symptoms. She feels angry at the “stupid, overpaid” doctors for their incompetence, angry at God for letting this happen, and helpless in a life where a microscopic bug could crawl onboard her body, unnoticed, and wreak such havoc in her life.


A tribal sect in a Middle-Eastern country has been oppressed for decades by a dictatorial government that denies them even the basic dignities of life like clean water and good schools, and pushed to the brink, they take up arms and fight a war where both sides suffer tremendous losses and acts of senseless violence. The conflict only strengthens their mistrust & mistreatment of each other.

A group homeless people sit on an empty street late at night, with no more “prospects” for handouts passing by. They huddle close, bitching about the many “rich bastards” who walked by as if they were invisible, unwilling to drop even their spare change, and repeat their stories of how the cruel world drove them to this fate, over and over to anyone who will listen.

What do all these people have in common?

They all think their fate was determined by someone or something separate from themselves. They believe, as does most of humanity, that there’s actually something “out there,” that can “get them.” This has been the ubiquitous conditioning of human life for so many eons, it’s now taken as a “fact of life,” and we look sideways at anyone who says, “No, there’s no separation, no ‘other,’ we’re all One.” What a weird thing to say. Surely there are other people and things outside of me that can affect me. Surely we are separate and must protect ourselves.

And yet, we cannot fully Awaken until we truly experience the Oneness of everything. Indeed, the last obstacle to the Full Abiding Awakening of so many spiritual aspirants, often without them even realizing it, is that they still feel themselves as separate from the world around them, and subject to harm or diversion from something other than themselves. It’s one of the ego’s main weapons: it can feel so good to blame somebody else, or some floating pathogen, for why your life got skewed or why you didn’t achieve Self-Realization.

The reverse is true. The moment we let go of all outside agents being responsible for anything we’ve ever experienced, thought or felt, the moment we get that there are no separate beings, only manifestations of the One, we are instantly Awakened.

In minds & lives such as ours, filled with separateness-conditioning and belief, we start with perhaps an intellectual knowing of non-separateness, through spiritual books or teachings, or glimpses of Oneness in meditation. We may find ourselves saying, “I really see it, we are all One, there’s no separation!” The moment we move in the direction of that key truth, experiences & feelings that make us feel separate may come up to challenge us: We’ll have an argument with someone close, we’ll get an illness and look for the offending virus or bacteria, we’ll hit a patch of boredom and no forward progress in our career or spiritual practices, and feel called to rail at God for making life “so damn hard.”

The challenge to keep the non-separate perspective comes not only from all our interactions in this lifetime. We are viscerally connected to all the energy of our ancient past, that of our ancestors and even our own past-lives (if you believe in that,) where our forefathers, and perhaps even us in a different body, argued with, blamed, made war & committed murder against other “separate” entities to insure the survival of ourselves and our families. “We” were the righteous ones, “they” were wrong. “We” were attacked by “them” and had to fight back. Our populous was overrun by this pathogen called “plague,” and we needed to root it out and cure it once & for all. We were “gotten” by something that was separate from us.

The human experience is indeed one that includes separateness. Even fully Awakened people, who experience the Truth of non-separate Oneness all the time, must pro-actively “shift” their perception to the human level of separate, different beings in order to move through this world; in order to teach or speak to others, raise their family or work their job, or simply drive down the road without colliding with other motorists.

Once again, the solution is to Realize one’s own True Essence, which, because it is experienced to be One and the same with everybody & everything else’s True Essence, will immediately end the illusion of separateness, permanently…and then adjust to allowing Pure Awareness to flood us, operate through us and determine our agenda, moving back & forth between this egoless, Oneness Consciousness and human separate consciousness as needed, to interact as a compassionate human with others as long as we’re still embodied.