To Awaken | The Basic Truths of Awakening
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The Basic Truths of Awakening

Axioms are, supposedly, concise written or spoken “core truths” that can be remembered or referred to, to return one’s consciousness, mood or experience back to a state of awakening or enlightenment. But full awakening is not experienced through the individual self & mind, only in through their disappearance in the One; so any written/spoken words grasped by the mind, about how to “attain enlightenment” or sustain the “awakened state,” are essentially useless.

That said, here’s my favorite verbal/mental axioms 🙂

  • Awakening is not an experience had by any individual self. “You” will never be “enlightened.” Only the One will. And It is already fully awake – no need to “awaken.”


  • Since there is only the One, the false sense that you are a separate individual who must “get enlightened” is the only thing keeping you from being fully enlightened, right now.






  • The One is unfolding perfectly, everything is unfolding exactly as it “should.” You don’t need to do anything different or try to accelerate your (or the world’s) enlightenment. To the One, our awakening or no awakening, doesn’t matter. We couldn’t quicken it anyway; it’s out of our hands. Because we do not exist as a separate entity.


  • At the Absolute level, the One is not unfolding at all. Nothing has arisen, nothing is being manifested. For things to arise and evolve, there would need to be time, and time doesn’t exist. There is only Now. The Reality of a paradigm or existence where there is no time and nothing is happening is not graspable by our minds. Through our minds, it certainly seems as though time is passing and lots of events are taking place…and that’s good. That’s how the One seems to be enjoying Its Existence.






  • Since there is only One, and our sense of individual selfhood is nothing but an “idea” in the “mind” of the One, we can be sure, we are not living our lives. We are living the One’s life.


  • The “bad news” is that our individual “selves” must die. But that individual self was always false. The “good news” is that our individual “selves” must die, for then we get to see that we were always the One, and that One is timeless & eternal. We won’t experience that as an individual self going, “Wow! I’m immortal!” We can only experience it as the One, saying nothing, being nothing, just Being. That’s why it’s not an “experience” we can look forward to as individual “selves.” That’s why enlightenment is not about “you” experiencing ultimate love, peace & bliss. That’s why “getting enlightened” doesn’t matter. At all.  Still, you may feel enlightenment as something you are drawn to.


  • Since there is only One, there is only One Doer. “We” are not the choosers, because, once again, “we” do not exist as a separate entities. So if one “individual” feels drawn to meditating, “raising their consciousness,” and releasing their identification with their body-mind, and another “individual” seems interested only in mundane life, eating, pursuing wealth & pleasure and worrying about this world and all its problems, it is not their individualities that are choosing those actions & destinies, it is the One, compelling this or that interest, choosing through them for Its Own delight. It would be bizarre for one “individual” to feel his or her choices were “superior” to another. There’s nothing special about pursuing Self-Realization or the Truth. It’s just what you’re compelled to do…by the One. As long as we are (seemingly) in a body & mind, we are compelled to do something. Just remember it’s the One doing the compelling.