To Awaken | People Who Have Had Spontaneous Awakenings
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People Who Have Had Spontaneous Awakenings

People Who Have Had Spontaneous Awakenings

An ever-growing number of people have Awakened spontaneously to their True Nature, while doing mundane activities, having a near-death experience, going through intense psychological strain, or simply living a normal life. Many of these people had no prior experience with spiritual practices or even an interest in seeking spiritual truths. Their stories are interesting & remarkable, and of course, raise questions like:

– Is it possible to have a spontaneous Awakening to Pure Awareness without any prior inquiry, study, practice or spiritual preparation?

– If so, do these spontaneous Awakenings lead to the permanent, abiding kind of Awakening, or a more temporary awareness & awakening that diminishes over time?

– Is the reason these select individuals have experienced spontaneous Awakening because their past karma already brought them right to the edge of Awakening, and they only needed a little “tap” from their current life to crack open the veil and reveal Full Truth to them?

Some of these individuals who have experienced spontaneous Awakenings are widely known, such as Eckhart Tolle (The Power Of Now,) Byron Katie (The Work) and Andrew Cohen (Evolutionary Enlightenment.) Other newer or lesser-known spontaneous Awakenings are now beginning to emerge, such as Jan Frazier, author of “When Fear Falls Away: The Story of a Sudden Awakening,” Yolande Duran-Serrano, a non-spiritual French businesswomen who had a full Awakening simply while doing the mundane chore of vacuuming her carpet, and Jean Klein, a German musicologist who writes beautifully about the Awakened experience.


Here we provide links to many of these remarkable individuals, so those interested can find out more about their experiences:

Echkart Tolle –         

Byron Katie –            

Andrew Cohen –      

Jan Frazier –             

Yolande Duran        

Jean Klein –