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Living Liberation Course

Living Liberation Course

Living Liberation Header

The intention of the Living Liberation Course is to allow you to Realize,
and Awaken to, being fully liberated, now. 

To know directly (not just mentally/conceptually,) that you are already fully awakened and perfect now, and rest in this awakened ‘state’ always.

Are you ready to be fully established in Pure Awareness now, not after you’ve finally learned enough, meditated enough, suffered enough, served your guru or deity enough, processed through all your old karma and childhood issues, or become a master of meditation, stilling the mind, awakening your kundalini, or other spiritual practices? Now?

Your search is over.

You are already liberated now. It’s your natural state. You can live liberated now. 

Simply put, the Living Liberation Course is a course for those who are ready to experience being fully Awake and enlightened right now.

In this Course, we enter deep silence, engage in deep inquiry, move in harmony, directly experience the One Reality behind our dream world, and feel as Awareness awakens in our hearts. Your body, mind, and “ego,” already know the Truth, is the Truth. The Living Liberation Course will provide you with many opportunities to finally allow your illusory identity, as a seemingly ‘separate’ body-mind, to recede into the background, as your True Identity as Pure Awareness becomes your foreground experience.

There are 6 two-hour sessions, and each session will feature instruction in & exploration of the many different approaches to meditation, breathing, movement, stillness and exercises in sensing True Reality, with satsang (discussion and Q & A) in between.

You will complete the course with a direct experience of Who You Really Are, knowing a variety of mindful skills & practices for dropping into and inhabiting this True Self. More importantly, beyond these techniques (that you can practice simply because you like to,) you will experience living in Who and What You Are now, even without ‘techniques,’ knowing you need not practice any techniques to “attain” or wait for your Realization to eventually “happen.” It’s already happened!

Your search is over, if you will allow it to be.

You are liberated now, if you can simply let go of believing or insisting you are not.

To register, simply email Teja at, with the following:

__ Your Full Name

__ Address

__ email Address

__ Day & Evening Phone numbers

__ A short description of your current or past practices, paths, etc.

__ Your intentions in participating in the Living Liberation Course

Teja will contact you for a personal interview to welcome you to the course

Keep on Shining! In Love,

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