To Awaken | Keeping The Awakened Perspective On Everything In Your Life
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Keeping The Awakened Perspective On Everything In Your Life

Keeping The Awakened Perspective On Everything In Your Life

Keeping The Awakened Perspective On Everything In Your Life

No matter how embodied you feel – especially during those times of a tired, ill body and/or a troubled, desperate, lost-in-thought mind – you are Spirit. You are Pure Awareness. You could not be otherwise, for Spirit is the foundation that’s always here, before & after your body/mind comes and goes. If you’re not that, you’re just a temporal body/mind that will be gone in the blink of an eye in this Universe. If you believe that, this website has no use and it doesn’t matter how “Awakened” your perspective is.

It’s not wrong to believe that, for periods of this life or even entire lifetimes. If you believe that you are just this separate body/mind, individual and personality; that these worried, angry, frustrated thoughts & moods your mind constantly cycles through are who you really are; that this often tired, sometimes diseased and certainly decaying, dying body is all you are; that you have those troubled thoughts or diseased body because of outside influences – life was too challenging, people made you mad, someone did you wrong, you got a virus, this is a bad world is full of troubles & conflict, you got cancer because you got cancer and that’s it! If you believe there’s no “reason” for these things happening other than “that’s just life”…you are RIGHT.

That is just human life. These are the experiences we have, as humans. And we are so much more than human. We are the Infinite having these experiences in human form. You could say we are both the humans having these experiences and the pure space in which they are taking place. There is no separation between this human body/mind going through all these experiences and the Awareness that calmly observes & absorbs all of it. You are That.

So even though there can be no “reasons” why we have all these challenges – wherein “reasons” means human judgments and answers that make your ego/mind temporarily feel better or more in control – that doesn’t mean you’re just a screwed human, abandoned by and separate from Spirit’s “reason” for these things happening. You are Spirit literally celebrating Its Isness through all of this, the painful moments as well as the pleasureful ones, the totally confused times as well as the clear moments, the birthing, living and dying experiences.

So you have a choice. You can either experience all these events happening to you as just a body/mind, pleased by the good times and bothered to distraction by the tough times, or as Spirit, not judging any of them, letting it all be, keeping a Spiritual overview. Read that last sentence again. And again. Really let it sink in. Because that one sentence could be the key that permanently liberates you and your perception of life, indeed, that causes to to Fully Wake UP.

In “My Personal Awakening Journey 2,” I discussed the instantly-transformative power of not believing your thoughts. You are not your thoughts or your story – even a non-seeker knows that – and you know that because your thoughts & story constantly change, yet the same You is still here. The only way our minds (try to) verify that a thought is “real” is with another thought! Obviously, there’s nothing real in thoughts. 

In that post, I spoke of hearing a reminder that I should not believe any of my thoughts, took it literally, immediately dropped into saying & feeling, “That’s just another thought, I don’t believe that one, or the next one, or even the fear that dropping all my belief in my thoughts will send me into danger…that’s just another thought.” Instantly, my perspective shifted to an extremely blissful & open state of consciousness, and stayed that way until…I started believing in my thoughts again! I highly recommend this practice of following every thought & feeling that comes through your body/mind with, “”That’s just another thought, I don’t believe that.” The bottom will drop out from your Earthbound-body-&-mind-only identity, and you will be forced to feel the spiritual perspective of Who you really Are and what Spirit’s plan is for you here. Ask yourself these questions:

– If I had no thoughts, or had a few but paid no attention to them, what would I do?

– If I only engaged the few essential thoughts I need to function each day – what’s my home address, how do I balance my checkbook, etc. – and shunned all the other unneeded thoughts passing through my mind, how would I feel the rest of the time?

– If my ever-changing thoughts, feelings & moods don’t define me, Who am I?

Awakened masters don’t treat all thoughts as useless. They use thoughts as tools to plan their schedules, choose their words when teaching, and generally function in life the same as the rest of us. But they are always aware of the Spiritual perspective, the immortal, unchanging One behind all this ever-changing human pageant. Not just conceptually, but Being That, saturated in that, full body & presence, all the time. They lucidly vacillate back & forth between the two perspectives, coming into their thoughts to perform a needed task, then moving back into blissful awareness of the One when personal thoughts aren’t needed

Of course, it always seems easier to maintain the Spiritual perspective when things are flowing well and the body/mind/ego challenges are light.  It can feel so hard to see everything from a beneficial Spirit reason & outcome when trouble digs it’s oppressive claws into you – when your life is falling apart, your body is very sick, or your mind’s judgment mechanism just can’t figure out what possible beneficial Spiritual outcome there could be in these “awful things happening to you.”

The truth is, there is a strong propensity to lose the spiritual perspective in both cases. When you’re body/mind/ego is feeling financially flush, healthy and enjoying lots of sensory pleasure, and you’re just really enjoying earthly life, who needs a spiritual perspective? “Hey, life is good, what do I care what the greater spiritual overview or implications are for my Immortal Being?” And it can feel especially hard to keep a spiritual overview when you’re down in the dumps.”Damn, I’m just this body/mind who’s so poor & sick, I can’t even sit in meditation. Life feels awful & senseless, not joyful and spiritually-purposed.” And of course, our culture, mired in ego-separateness, teetering between attaining wealth and constantly repeating the story of our problems to any who will listen, does not want the spiritual perspective to flood us and replace the mundane view. What would our ego/minds have left to do, to fear, to bitch about? It requires great courage & will-force to extract oneself from survival domain’s old “known,” and be willing to daringly explore the unknown eye-wide-open trust that all is Spirit, we are all playing our perfect part, and Spirit is all that really matters