To Awaken | Does Awareness Use Non-Awareness To Guide Us Home
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Does Awareness Use Non-Awareness To Guide Us Home

Does Awareness Use Non-Awareness To Guide Us Home

Does Awareness Use Non-Awareness To Guide Us Home

Does Pure Awareness “use” the dissatisfaction of our illusory lives in ego-identified awareness, to make us turn our interest & yearning back towards Itself?

It’s a very interesting question, with many other important points & questions wrapped up in it, such as:

At any given time in human history, only the tiniest percentage of humans give any thought whatsoever to non-dual Reality and the illusion of their lives, to the perspective that there’s only One Reality and everything else, including all humans and all the Earth, are just temporary illusory projections of the One. As much as 99% of all people never consider Awakening to Ultimate Reality. They just live their lives, filled with good times & bad times, triumph & tragedy, creation and the inescapable death waiting at the end to wipe out any & all we’ve created or accomplished…and figure, “This is it, this is what life is, this is as good as it gets, c’est la vie.” Most don’t consider Awakening because they don’t even know it is a possible alternative. And of the few who do, who get an inkling of what it might be like to Awaken to Reality & Ultimate Truth, so few of those actually stick with it till Full Abiding Awakening.

We’ve already discussed how a passionate interest and Pure Intent in finding this Truth is supposedly necessary to allow the Awakened state to replace the dream-state. But for reasons above, very few even find their way to it, let alone make it their top priority and stick to it, with no substitute, till Awakening is reached. The few who have were clearly motivated by a irresistible yearning to know the Truth and nothing but. And for most, that yearning, in turn, came out of life’s pain. Either deep pain & sorrow in their own life, or seeing the horror of conflict & suffering in the lives of others, or both, drove them to insist on getting out of this dream-trance and into the Truth.

So one might easily conclude that experiencing deep dejection & dissatisfaction with “ordinary life” is a pre-requisite for turning toward something greater, toward the Ultimate Truth, toward Awakening. So again the question arises, does the One Absolute use the pain & dissatisfaction of life to make us seek the Truth?


It’s very dramatic and fairy-tale-ish to imagine It does, but it cannot be so.

First off, Pure Awareness is already fully Awake, doesn’t recognize human non-awakeness as a problem that needs to be solved, and doesn’t see any of our “drama” as Real. It just is. It isn’t a “planning for the future” object, sitting back calculating how to get these crazy humans to reverse their slippery slide into oblivion, then thinking, “I know, I’ll make the illusory life so painful, it’ll force them to give that up in favor of My Truth.” Nice story arc, but it doesn’t work that way.

So why, then, does it seem humans won’t let go of living the non-Real life until & unless they get the total futility of it through life pain and the realization that they can’t really control anything anyway?

The question comes from our ego-minds’ judgment of things as being either right or wrong, good or bad, what should happen vs. what shouldn’t happen (which, in turn, comes from the ego’s need to control things so as to eliminate fear.) It is only to our egos’ limited illusory perception that the vast majority of people living in “illusion” and never waking up to Reality is wrong or bad. To the Is, the Awake One Reality, there are no separate beings needing to wake up from their trance and “reunite” with it.

As a matter of fact, every “unenlightened” person and all their illusory hopes & dreams are part of the One. They do not exist outside of the Absolute One, or else their wouldn’t be just One (non-duality,) there’d be two…or seven or seven-billion. There isn’t. There’s only One, and this One is having an experience of Itself through all these myriad beings and manifestations. Every experience is unique, and none of them are real, just characters in a dream the One is having, just for experience. In Hinduism, they sometimes refer to this as Lila, the Divine Play of the Infinite. If this sounds like we are ultimately just “sense organs” for the One, we are getting much closer to the Truth…though not the Ultimate Truth because there is no separation between us and the One. We are That.

We can rant that the One is having both wonderful and horrible experiences at our expense, but that requires believing we are separate from the One and being used  or “victimized” by It. Or we can Wake Up and experience that Pure Awareness is all there is, and then enjoy the ride and all the experiences and discoveries from the One’s vantage point.


In the end, it’s not so much that the One is creating painful wars, illnesses and an overall struggle-filled life to make us say, “I’m outta here, show me how to Awaken.” It’s that the One is experiencing everything, bliss & depression, health & disease, pain & pleasure, war & peace, Awareness and non-awareness, with us, as us. That’s Reality! Don’t like this Reality? Your ego is still judging and arguing with it. Naturally the ego judges things like pain, war, disease and death as “bad.” Because it prefers pleasure and bliss, and because it doesn’t want to be afraid. And yet, in this Reality, every body, mind & ego struggles to survive, feels pain, gets diseases, and dies. Why argue with Reality? It just makes you struggle even more.

So when you feel the pain of life and find yourself seeking spiritual answers & release, don’t do it as “you,” a separate individual, seeking to end your suffering by raising your consciousness to “Enlightenment.” Surrender to it and feel it as the One, experiencing Itself through all these unique creations and beings, and know that the Infinite is not “testing you” or trying to make you miserable enough to Awaken, it’s just experiencing Reality, the One & Only Reality that Is…and “you” are welcome to be a part of that. Indeed, you can only be the One who is creating and experiencing all that, you can never be separate from that or a victim of It. You are the Creator. You are the Destroyer. You are That! Wake up and feel That!