To Awaken | Could Even I Awaken? Unremarkable, Ordinary Me?
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Could Even I Awaken? Unremarkable, Ordinary Me?

One of the biggest and most common impediments to Awakening is the self-belittling thought, “Can I, just a regular, unspecial person really Awaken.”

It seems full Awakening has happened to only a few select individuals, most of whom seem to have either been extraordinary persons with deep spiritual gifts & insights from a very young age, or who have devoted a whole lifetime to committed meditation & inquiry. Seeing that, we may think, “Even if I meditate, inquire and surrender till I’m blue in the face, I’ll probably never reach the levels of enlightenment these spiritual Masters and “special” souls reached almost “effortlessly.”


Andrew Cohen had a spontaneous revelation of “cosmic consciousness” at sixteen. Adyashanti’s first experience of merging with the One Reality came in his 20s. The seminal Indian sage Ramana Maharshi, was said to have reached fully enlightened state by sixteen, whereupon he moved up into the Arunachala hills above Tiruvannamalai, never to leave. And Jiddu Krishnamurti seems to have been born fully Aware.

If those “young Awakenings” make you think, since you’re already older, you haven’t got a chance, you can take comfort in the fact that The Buddha took a little longer, not fully Awakening (the Buddhahood prototype for all Awakenings to come) till the ripe old age of 35.

Regardless of age, we tend to see these historical figures as spiritually specially endowed from birth, or intensely driven in their one-pointed quest for Truth. So, if we were neither born with inherent spiritual insight, nor willing or able to leave ordinary life behind for a life of asceticism and constant meditation, we figure it’s pretty unlikely we’ll reach their pinnacles of Enlightenment. It is a fact that most Buddhists feel Enlightenment is just for the Buddha, just as most Christians would never think they can embody the same level of compassion & oneness with The Infinite as “the Only Son of God.”

And countless lifelong meditators who have not experienced the big Awakening, but only a much quieter mind, peaceful life, and maybe some lower-level samadhis/satoris, often say, “Well, this is pretty good,” and conclude that’s as far as they’ll go.

What determines if an individual achieves Full Abiding Awakening. Is it special inborn spiritual gifts? Is it a certain lining-up of trials & events in this lifetime, that practically force them into a relentless, unstoppable pursuit of the Truth? Is it the karmic events of “past lifetimes,” where the soul has already experienced its most difficult lessons, wisdom accumulation and letting go of illusory life, thereby needing just a little push in one last lifetime?

Knowing the Truth puts us in a position to embody that Truth or, more correctly, have True Reality flood us. If you are already acutely aware of the dream-like illusory nature of this life, of every action and thought you have, and you’ve already had glimpses & moments of “seeing through the veil,” of directly experiencing the perfection of Reality and perhaps the peace & stillness of pure Awareness, you’re already ripe for Full Abiding Awakening. Remember, in Reality there is no time, and no judgment of “separate” beings and their deeds or levels of accomplishment. So it doesn’t matter if you are “special” or “spiritually advanced,” and your “past” karma is not relevant. There is no past, there’s only Now.

So basically, if you’re aware right now of the deep peace behind this ever-changing illusory world, full Awakening is available to you RIGHT NOW! Every “Master” who has reached this Awakening and come forward to guide others to It, has said the same thing. “You have no idea how close it is; it’s as close as your breath, ready for the reaching out and taking, this instant.” They also said, “All along, I had no idea how close & accessible Awakening was, and even felt a kind of joyful embarrassment that I spent so many years striving so ardently and looking for It as if it were buried treasure, when all the time it was right in front of my face!”

The number of people who are experiencing Full Abiding Awakening, whether in the midst of practices, or spontaneously without having ever meditated or believed in God, is growing. Some of there stories are here, and there are so many more. There’s simply no reason why you cannot dive right into full Infinite Awareness, yes – even you, with your very next breath. You simply must believe you can, and stop thinking it’s based on worthiness, accomplishment or needing more practice & wisdom.

I promise you, once you are ready, you will experience this, in “no time.” Say yes to being Enlightened, acting Enlightened, speaking Enlightened, and feeling all the Bliss of Enlightenment, now, and you’ll be there instantly. If there are any places in you where you are still not letting go, some part of you that’s still holding on to any “past” judgments, fears, beliefs or “karmas,” they will be forced up for examination & completion just by your embracing, “I’m ready to wake up, now!” And even if there’s still some body & ego issues to “work through,” you will be amazed at how Enlightened you can feel & act, even as you work through them…you don’t need to wait till you’re done with all that to be Enlightened.

Sage Ramana Maharshi with cancerous arm

You think current embodied Masters don’t still have egos, personality quirks and body issues? Of course they do!

Being Awake isn’t about not having those parts of you, it’s about no longer identifying with those parts of you…simply because you’ve chosen to live in True Reality, and Pure Awareness is flooding you 24/7. So you still have those parts, and you see them thinking, “Oh yeah, my body can be ill sometimes, my mind can be noisy, my personality can be loud, selfish & even nasty…but I’m none of that. I’m this flood of Pure Awareness. Rock on, ego quirks! I see you for what you really are, and am fully enjoying my Enlightened state.”