To Awaken | Answers – I Want Answers!
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Answers – I Want Answers!

Answers – I Want Answers!

Answers – I Want Answers!

“I found my answer to life is living.
The secret of living is life”
Carole King, “Simple Things”

“The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind”
Bob Dylan

When life is flowing along pretty smoothly, most people aren’t searching for answers…they’re just flowin’. When a big challenge comes up – serious illness, depression, divorce, a sudden turn in your financial security – it’s natural to ask, “Why is this happening to me?”  Formerly blasé people suddenly become very philosophical, desperate to find the grand answers to life and all it’s nagging questions. We throw our hands up to the sky, wanting to drag God into an interrogation room and hear, directly from the Source, just what the hell is going on.


This is obviously an ego/mind wrangling. Our egos see ourselves as separate entities that are subject to living & annihilation, pleasure & pain, “happiness” and “sadness.” Our body/mind/egos strongly prefer happiness over sadness, pleasure over pain, comfort over discomfort; and because any entity that sees itself as a separate, living entity will naturally fear its end, our ego absolutely abhors death & “nonexistence,” and will do anything in its “control” to avoid that. With answers, it hopes to control things back to its chosen direction, or at least, know why things must be this way if it can’t.

Pure Spirit, Pure Awareness, which is who we really are, makes no such distinctions & judgments. Everything just is. Any experience is the perfect experience, because that’s the experience Spirit is having. I don’t know who coined that common Gen-X phrase, “It’s all good,” but it really is all good! If you could sit in your Pure Awareness and look out on everything that’s happening, everything, at a universal level, an Earthly level and an “individual” level, you would see everything just is; no judgement, nothing out of place, no harm, no foul. And you can. You can experience that everything is perfect right now. Everyone has that place inside them, that calm aware knowing, that it’s all as it should be, and it’s all fine. We’ve all spent time there. We can live from there. In that place, we would never think of asking for answers. Life just is, and it all just “fits.” In that place, it’s easy to fall into a state of total love & ardor for the beauty, the perfection the sheer bliss of the whole Creation.

So what do we do, when life is challenging and we feel that powerful inclination to demand the answers. Just be with whatever is happening. Let go into it, don’t resist it. Countless awakened people tell their story of how they hit rock bottom, ultimate fear, life totally fallen apart, and even a certainty that their death was now at hand. For some of them, physical death really was at hand after a long-suffering illness. They report that their natural tendency, as an individual ego, was to resist the onslaught of fear, brokenness and dying that they were experiencing, and they immediately felt resisting it made things worse. So, by choice or by resignation, they let go. They stopped fighting it, trying to alter it, trying to answer or understand it, and just let it wash over them. They often describe it as just sitting in the middle of it, flowing with it instead of resisting.

For many, the result was Full Awakening. Because Awakening is what happens when we allow Its agenda to become our agenda. All it requires to flood us is that we – our egos – get totally out of the way.

This can seem difficult for many, until one of these intense, painful experiences literally force us to let go. And we needn’t wait for that to happen. Right now, practice putting your awareness in your heart, or in the space a few inches behind your heart, and just calmly observe your whole being, your energy, from the vast place from which you are sitting and observing everything – first from your small locale, then from back further, the whole world, then from a universal perspective. Feel that as you sit in your heart, you are experiencing the whole of Creation right there in your heart, seeing it is perfect, and holding it in immeasurable love & joy. Feel yourself letting go into exactly the way it is, including any part of your life that is currently challenging or painful. The more you can let go into that pain, suffering or confusion in life, the less pain & suffering you will feel. Stay in that loving acceptance of all Life for as long as you can – 5 minutes, an hour, whatever you like – then repeat this practice every day for at least some short time.