To Awaken | Paths to Spiritual Awakening
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to awaken

Classes, guidance, wisdom & experience on your awakening journey

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Browse through our aricles & videos with topics like “What Is Spiritual Awakening,” “How We Awaken,” “Pathways To Awakening,” “How To Meditate,” and “Challenges On The Path,” for clear, experiential guidance on your journey

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Classes, Courses & Retreats

Our menu of single and weekly classes, extended courses, and one-day or weekend retreats to ground your practices with others, widen your perspective through others’ insights, build power through community, and allow yourself to let go into deeper levels of awareness 

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Private Counseling

Personal sessions with Teja and other awakening guides, one-on-one, to clarify your one perfect dharma and contribution, and light your way home. Contact  Teja here to inquire about a private consultation

 Teja Earthsong

After having deep spiritual immersion and direct knowing of the One Reality at a very young age, Teja worked with numerous teachers & paths, while guiding & facilitating others in their own spiritual awakening for over 40 years. Teja is a lifelong musician, writer, counselor and the founder of

“The only true peace and enlightenment is surrender. Let go. Surrender fully to what is. Full surrender means surrendering even the hoped-for peace and enlightenment from the surrendering, because that would signal “I” still want things to be other than they already are, in some “future time.” Neither “time” nor the individual “I” really exist.  Full surrender is just to what is, to things exactly as they are now. When you surrender fully to what is, enlightenment comes instantaneously.”

“There are only 2 ways to enlightenment: Surrender your plan. Surrender your identity. How do we surrender? The ego will think this is something to “do,” but one cannot “do” surrender, because one’s ego cannot consciously kill itself. Surrender is not a “doing,” it’s a non-doing called Letting Go. Let go of everything. Let go of your life plan. Let go of your thoughts, feelings and judgments. Let go of your personal desire for bliss or enlightenment. Let go of your identity. Keep letting go of all of it, moment by moment. If fear of losing your identity arises because you’ve let go of everything and feel you are nothing, let go of that too, and see that you are Everything.”

“One does not willfully become awakened, yet it comes naturally. One moment you are asleep in bed, and the next moment you are awake, though you did nothing consciously to cause it. In the same way, you can never “become enlightened;” you are already enlightened. The One is already, always enlightened, and That is all you are. Yet to your body-mind, one day it may seem you woke up, or enlightenment has overtaken you.”

Appreciation & Gratitude

We Are All Awakening, and All Already Awake

Finding yourself drawn to a path of awakening & enlightenment is the most paradoxical endeavor upon which  you will ever embark. In order to awaken, you must fully let go of the “you” that wants to awaken, and further, to realize there really is no “you” separate from the One, which is already fully awake to Itself. You (the One Self) are already “there,”and “you” have a journey, and a contribution, to make. We’re here to help light your path.